In October 2012 Steffie Clements (now Steffie da Costa) started a film project for, amongst others, the Dutch Cancer Society in memory of one of her relatives who passed away due to cancer. Homanje is a silent film of 40 minutes with dancing and acting. The story of Homanje consists of two parts. Part 1 is about how the life of the main character could have been if she’d survived cancer. The happy ending that we want everyone to have. Part 2 is loosely based on the story of her grandmother. The main character is told she has only three more months to live. You will learn about the struggles while fighting cancer.

Homanje is a contraction of two words; the Spanish word “Homenaje” (hommage) and the Dutch word “Oma” (grandma). Steffie did not have any experience making a movie, but with a lot of passion and dedication she made her dream come true. She couldn’t have done it without her professional team!

We love dancing, and for us, one movement can say more than a thousand words. That’s why we used dance styles such as Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tango and Classic ballet to strengthen the silence and to tell the story in a powerful way.

One of the contemporary dance scenes.

Photograph by Francy Vos

When you watch Homanje online, you will help a lot of families who are dealing with cancer. Profits of the online version will go to charities around the world, every month a different charity. You only have to pay 5 euros to watch Homanje. At the page donations, you can see which foundations/charities already received a financial contribution and which one is our current choice. For example; we have donated over 5000 to the Dutch Cancer Society!

Let’s do it again! And again, and again… Just a normal procedure on a shooting day.

Photograph by Francy Vos



Hours of shooting

Money raised

With over 300 volunteers, 50 partners, one year of screenwriting – finding shooting locations – dance rehearsals – auditions, 150 hours of shooting in 15 days in 6 months, six months of preparing the music and four months of organising the premiere, Homanje is finally out there.  It is our baby, our Simba, our precious. We hope you will enjoy watching Homanje as much as we enjoyed making it!

“Beautiful & Impressive, Breathtaking & Goosebumps everywhere, Touching… Well done!”

― Henk Bosker

“Film Homanje, just arrived home, still silent, still thinking, very impressed and a little speachless. For me it is a film with a clear message: enjoy every moment in life.”

― Brigit Nijboer

“A film straight to the heart”

― Francy Vos

“Beautiful, breathtaking, pure, emotional.”

― Gert Witte

“The most beautiful moment? people being completely silent until the last name in the credits and then hearing them aplaud and sniffing.”

― Jorinde Zoeter

“This film hits you right in the feelings and it doesn’t let you go. While it is a silent film, you see so much more.”

― Henny de Niet

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